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The Monday, June 5th "pick" auction
Volumes on philosophy, biography, history, poetry and ephemera.
We have received a several thousand volume consignment of mostly signed fiction, biography and autobiography of Hollywood, Television, and Politicians that we will begin to auction off this month. If signed material is your interest you do not want to miss this material.

Of interest:

    • Mailer (1955), Deer Park. 1st edition, Signed with two other Signed 1st editions.
    • Angelou (1971), Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water before I Die. 1st edition, Signed.
    • Martin (1987), Billy Ball. 1st edition, Signed by Billy Martin.
    • Fitz Gerald (1899), The Highest Andes. 1st edition, one of 60 limited editions.
    • Fitzgerald (1905), In the Track of the Moors. 1st edition with one other book by the Author.
    • Staats (1954), African Journal 1953 – 1954. 1st edition with Journal Second African Safari, Signed.
    • Towne (1883), A Treatise on Cranes. 1st edition.
    • Van Sinderen (1950), Africa Land of Many Lands. 1st edition with several additional volumes detailing this Author’s travels. 
    • Auster (2007), Travels in Scriptorium. 1st edition, Signed with 5 other novels by the Author.
    • Conroy (1995), Beach Music. 1st edition, Signed with 2 other novels by the Author.
    • Irving (2009), Last Night in Twisted River. 1st edition, Signed with two other books by the Author.

TERMS: 15% buyers premium .
 Tax ID required or 6.35% sales tax will be added to all sales. 

We are accepting consignments for future "pick" auctions. We urge you to review this website for information on CFA Book Auctions. Be sure to see
 "How to Sell Books" on this site.
 Please call Tom at 1-86O-9O8-8O67 for questions or to discuss your books.
Or in the event of bad weather to confirm auction will be held.

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The Monday, June 26th "pick" auction
Volumes on biography, history, poetry and ephemera. We have received
the library of a Columbia University professor with an emphasis on crime, political science especially leftish history in the US including the Hollywood blackballing period of the 1950s.

Of interest:

    • Hillary Rodham Clinton 3 Signed Volumes: “It Takes A Village,” “10th Anniversary Edition of It Takes A Village,” and “Dear Sock Dear Buddy.”
    • Bill Clinton (2007). Giving. Signed, 1st Edition.
    • Hebert H. Humphrey (1976). The Education of a Public Man. Signed, 1st Edition.
    • Philip Roth 8 Volumes 4 of which are Signed.
    • Tom Robbins 8 Volumes 3 of which are Signed.
    • Colin Powell (1995). My American Journey, Signed, 1st edition.
    • Joyce Carol Oates 8 Volumes all of which are Signed.
    • Alice Walker 6 Volumes all of which are Signed.
    • Edward Abbey (1971). Black Sun. 1st edition with the 1st edition of The Fool’s Progress.
    • Pat Conroy (1995). Beach Music. Signed, 1st edition with the 1st edition of Prince of Tides and a Signed, 1st edition of South of Broad.


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